If the profession of medical practitioner abolished?

A 17-member expert group sees by poorly qualified medical practitioner the welfare of patients in Germany at risk and calls for far-reaching reforms. The job of a medical practitioner should be either abolished or fundamentally reformed, says the “Münster Memorandum”. The policy should no longer tolerate, that alternative medicine after a brief, may designate largely unregulated training as a state-approved medical practitioner. The raise in patients the impression, Naturopaths are an equivalent alternative to doctors, who had completed a long-time study. That could be dangerous. the claims were published on Monday in the German Medical Journal.

Investigation for manslaughter

The group around the Medizinethikerin Bettina Schöne-Seifert complains, that the alternative-medicine would operate despite the lack of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of their methods. The Expert Group engages in the memorandum as a negative example in case of a medical practitioner on the Lower Rhine. Who in the summer 2016 Patients treated in an alternative cancer surgery. Three of them died later. The prosecutor under investigation for manslaughter and negligent bodily harm. The policy had then announced, to review the legal basis.

Naturopaths do their jobs a state permission, they receive after a successful test without studying medicine. Patients appreciate including the lack of time pressure in their practices. The statutory health insurance but do not reimburse the cost of treatment.

“We wanted to no longer accept the current madness”

Medical practitioner may prescribe any prescription drugs or manufacture. The same goes for narcotics. They may not even X-ray, find their lives or are active in fields such as dentistry or obstetrics.

have signed the Memorandum experts from different disciplines, including medical ethicist, lawyers, historian, Care experts and a journalist. “We wanted to no longer accept the current madness”, says Schöne-Seifert loud message.

The authors are hoping that their proposals, is that confidence in the German health system strengthened and improve patient care. the label “approved by the State” should be to reform again a mark of quality for patients. They call for the policy, the medical practitioner being “not only cosmetically, but fundamentally to reform”. Here, the medical practitioner profession should be superseded by the introduction of a specialized-medical practitioner. The experts suggest these steps:, Employees of the existing health care professions such as retirement- To qualify addition and nurses.

It lacked uniform standards for the medical practitioner profession

The German Foundation welcomed the Patienschutz “Münster Memorandum”. “It is overdue, that the medical practitioner right is reformed.” It lacked uniform standards for the medical practitioner profession. “So patients can hardly distinguish between a reputable supplier and a charlatan”, said chief Eugen Brysch loud message. Federal Health Minister Gröhe was asked, to put this issue as soon as possible on the political agenda. Brysch: “It may not in fact be, that it is still easier in Germany, to become medical practitioners as a nurse.”

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